If you are interested in fitness then you really should be familiar with calorie counting. For most fitness addicts  is as important as a computer is to a blogger, its essential. However is it really worth all the additional stress? Lets take a look.

What is Calorie Counting?

To reduce body fat you have to be in a caloric deficit relative to your total energy expenditure. To know how many calories you are consuming you need to be tracking your intake of calories from food and know roughly your total daily calorie expenditure. This process is also known as calorie counting.


After taking part in a #tbhchat hosted by this week on ‘DIETING’ it was clear to see that there was a mixed response into the subject in hand.

Calorie Counting, No thanks


Never in my life, I love donuts way too much

For some people out there calorie counting is something which was of no interest. However I feel safe to say that this doesn’t include you as you wouldn’t have clicked on the link to view my post. However the general consensus for falling into this category is that life is too short to pay attention to small details. Others believe that seeing the actual figures is enough to make them have negative feelings or even restrict their intake to avoid having treats.

Tried it, hated it

Calorie counting is 100000/10 stressful – I would never go back to it. Terrible for someone with an addictive personality.

There certainly were a lot of people out there who have tried to count their calories and had a negative experience. Some users felt that by having stats on exactly what cartier 18kt gold bracelet
goes in left them feeling guilty in relation to treating themselves. Where as others felt that the effort going in to making sure they weighed their food was not worth it and chose not to continue using the app. The one major theme which continued to show was that app caused stress especially when

Calorie Counting is for me

“I track, Makes me aware of actually how much you need to eat especially if you’re very active”

There was also a core segment of participants who loved the process. They felt that it is the most effective method of losing body fat and also a good way to keep track on what they are eating. It was clear to see that tweets which fell into this category were from people who have seen results from the process.

My thoughts

My Calorie Counting Stats

As an active user of MyFitnessPal I would say that I sway between the last two categories. The app is fantastic if you are looking to lose weight. It shows you exactly what you are eating and adjust you calorific intake in relation to expenditure. However I have an obsessive mentality and found that I became obsessed with what I was eating. This meant that Instant Knockout during this period I was a bit of a nightmare to be around. I now use the app but have learned from my mistakes. Life is about being flexible and if I over indulge one day it really won’t make me put on weight. Yes I still feel guilty but life is too boring without Chocolate. The cheat meal is essential to maintain a healthy mind to go with the healthy body.


Have you tried to count your calories? Is this something you’d be interested in? Is MyFitnessPal your best friend?

I look forward to reading your comments.