This has to be one of the most common questions around working out, What is the best time of day to train? People are always looking to maximise their training potential and want to know if mornings, afternoons or evenings are the best time to train.

The answer is easy: It’s any time you’ll do it most consistently!

The benefits of exercise are noticeable only when you do it on a regular basis. If the only time you’re able to make it to the gym consistently is at 6 a.m., then I’d say 6 a.m. is the best time for you to train.


However if you are in a luxurious position where time is not an issue for you then the answer stated above does change.


Anyone who has lifted weights for a sustainable period will tell you that their individual strength and performance can fluctuate throughout the day. Usually with lows occurring early in the morning and peak values occurring late in the afternoon.

These variations in performance are most likely to be notable when training high-intensity, short-duration exercises—such as weightlifting, sprints or high-intensity interval training. They are less noticeable during lower-intensity activity like steady-state, moderate-intensity exercise.


If you aren’t a social butterfly and like to keep your intensity high then the mornings are for you. There are less people in the gym which means you don’t have to wait for equipment. This means that you can keep your workout short and sharp. You will be energised post workout and ready to tackle the days challenges head on.

Evenings are for you if you are looking to dust cartier 18kt gold bracelet
off those big weights and carry out some strength training. You will benefit from having a little more energy due to the increase in food intake. If you are looking to gain a training partner or workout buddies then the post work peak time of 5-7pm is for you.

I am fully aware that there are more and more 24/7 gyms across the country. These facilities help to remove all barriers towards fitness especially for shift workers.

Consistency is key, not only for the gym but anything in life. If you want to become better at something you need to improve your consistency.


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